The year 1515.  The man Hernando Cortez.  He burned twelve ships.  Why? 

So there was no turning back.  No direction to go but forward.  No option but success.

That is what I did.  Burned the past.  The life that served me well, but began to suffocate me, cell by cell, day by day. The cubicle of success.  Despite the MBA and the various relatively impressive titles in companies whose names are household words, there was a lack of satisfaction.  My passion was burning deep within.  My gift was calling my name, loudly. I had to burn the past and make a new present.

Oh, my life had been good, very good.  A wife, indeed more precious than rubies, and four children who make me proud.  But me, what about me?  Was I nothing more than a breadwinner?  Enough with the bread!  The passion had to win.  I needed air, to breathe.

So yes, I burned the ships.  I left the corporate world with its titles and income and trusted the direction the Wind was blowing me.  Into acting.  Into expression.  Modeling.  Theatre.  Life.  Movement, exhilaration, satisfaction.  Scary?  Damn right.  Worth it.  Yes.   

Will the big screen call? Will my name become a household word?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter.  Today there is satisfaction.  There is fulfillment.  There is me, the one who had been obediently waiting, for today.

Today there is no turning back.  No direction to go but forward.  No option but success.                                                              360-836-0408